Xamlon is a blog for developers who are using or are considering using a Chromebook for programming. Many software developers have turned to Chromebooks for programming. Chromebooks are lightweight, efficient, and affordable. If you make certain OS tweaks and have the right Chromebook, there is no reason why you cannot successfully program on a Chromebook. In fact, the Chromebook may become your best friend.

Chromebooks were brought to us by Google and run on Chrome OS. Chrome OS is a Linux-based operating system which makes it ideal for programmers. On this blog, we will share important information about using Chromebooks for development as well as how to optimize your Chromebook for better use. For beginners, we also give options for installing Linux distros for programming and how to use Linux apps in Chrome OS.
Our team consists of 5 programmers who all use Chromebooks as their primary or alternative programming devices. We regularly try out new models and share our findings on our REVIEWS page. You will find all the necessary information about Chromebooks and software development here on Xamlon.
Xamlon encourages questions and opinions regarding Chromebooks and their use. We have learned many ways and tricks of adjusting the Chromebook operating system and apps to make it ideal for our purposes. Contact us at info@xamlon.com for more information.

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