Tips and Shortcuts to Make Your Chromebook Use More Efficient

Chromebooks are another one of Google’s genius inventions. They are great for efficiency and ease. Chromebooks were designed based on the idea that simplicity is the key to efficiency. Most Chromebooks offer the necessary features and tools you would need for normal use. However, if you would like to improve the efficiency and performance, especially as a programmer, you may want to try these tips.

  1. Quickly see how much space you have left on your drive. A simple way to see how much space is available on your local drive is by entering chrome://quota-internals in the URL bar of your Internet browser. Strike enter and you will see a quick report on where you stand with space.

  1. Use the Alt key to open apps faster. The apps that are pinned to your taskbar each have a numerical value. From left to right they will have values from 1 to 10 (in this case 0). If you want to open the apps quickly without letting your fingers leave the keyboard, use Alt and 1 or Alt and 5 to open the apps.
  2. Re-enable tap dragging. In some versions of Chrome OS the ability to drag and drop may be disabled. There is an easy way to re-enable it. Go to Settings and look for tap dragging. Click to enable the feature and you will be back to drag-dropping in no time.
  3. Learn to work offline with web pages. Chromebooks are generally aimed at working only while on the Internet. This may not always be possible. There is a way to save web pages that you want to read offline. Hit Control and S to save the web page that you are on. Go to the File folder to find your saved site and double click. Now you can read offline.

These simple tips and shortcuts should help you work more efficiently and with less frustration on your Chromebook. A Chromebook can be a great tool and can make your work feel much more efficient if it is used correctly and with a few clever tweaks.