An Overview of the Acer Chromebook R13

Acer makes desktops, laptops and what they call Chromebook. However, Chromebooks are budget-friendly and ideal for someone looking to buy a laptop that will serve them a few years to come before deciding to purchase another one. This particular Chromebook, called the R13, comes with great specs, plus it has the ability to flex up to 360 degrees. In addition to this, it has a touch display which some users may find very convenient in this case. But could it be your next laptop purchase? Well, we can find out in this Acer Chromebook R13 Review.

Hardware and design

People mistake it for the Chromebook Pixel device because they resemble each other. If you only got rid of the Acer logo and colored the silver tone black, you’d end up with the Chromebook Pixel.
The front part has the usual Acer and Chrome logos. This is all you need on your laptop to make it look aesthetically-appealing. The R13 is extremely thin because that is how mobile PCs are supposed to look like. Open it and you will be greeted with a 13.3’’ display, a semi large keyboard, and a track pad beneath it.

The keys are properly spaced, and very comfortable when typing. Instead of smashing down keys, you only need to get letters showing up. The right side has an air vent, a 3.5mm headphone port, a volume rocker, and power button. The left side too has an air vent, a USB 3.0 port, a microSD card slot, a USB Type c port, and HDMI port respectively.

The 13.3 touch display is a 1080 x 1920 IPS touch screen. Colors tend to be fluid and very accurate. Because it uses 10-point touch technology, it means you can type with all 10 fingers at once. The touch screen also does a perfect job when scrolling or typing on the virtual keyboard. Finally, colors are accurate and viewing angles are good no matter the settings of the brightness.

In terms of performance, we can say that Chromebooks aren’t created to do more than surfing the web, receiving hangout calls, working on documents, or playing games. If you will be using a laptop for any of those purposes, then Chromebook will be ideal for your needs.

There is a 4GB of RAM and MediaTek quad-core 2.10GHz processor which work very well to give you a flawless user experience. This setup means that you can have over 8 Chrome tabs running while playing games. This won’t slow it down.

Because this device is equipped with a PowerVR GX6250 GPU, games tend to run solidly well. In fact, any game thrown at this device will work well.

As for the placement of the speakers, you will realize that those are awkwardly placed. The speakers are actually not situated on the side of the unit like in most laptops.

The R13 has its speakers situated underneath the unit. The volume is loud enough to make music or videos audible enough no matter the surface which you place it on.

Battery usage is okay because Acer claims that it can run on a single charge for 12 hours. However, we all know that the hours you get on a laptop can vary based on what you are doing.

Nevertheless, no matter how you play videos, music, or games, we suspect that you will be able to hit at least the 10 hour mark. But most reviews about this device say that one can easily achieve 12 hours before needing the next charge.

Price and Value

There are two models of Chromebook R13. They all differ in terms of the specs. The first one has 32GB storage while the second one has 64GB. Of course the difference is also in the pricing. But the fact that you are getting a 64GB version of the Chromebook R13 for a $30 extra should motivate you to go for it instead of the one with lesser storage.


This laptop was made for those who don’t want much out of a laptop. Secondly, it was made for those who are on a budget. Because this laptop has a starting price of $399, it is believed to be very affordable. The main highlights here are that the display is great, and so is the audio quality. It folds up to 360 degrees, and these things make it a good fit for any potential buyer.

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